Maria Bergram Aas left PRIO in 2009. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Maria Bergram Aas

Master's Student


Work phone: 22 54 77 84

Research Interests

MA project
"Acts of and Complicity to Terrorism as Grounds for Exclusion from Refugee Status. A study of article 1 F of the 1951 Refugee Convention"

The question I aim to elaborate on in this thesis is the extent to which an exclusion clause referring to acts of terrorism, as suggested included in a UN Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism currently under negotiation, will impact refugee law. In order to answer this question, one must consider both the extent to which article 1 F of the 1951 Refugee Convention covers various acts of terrorism, as well as the impact of various definitions of terrorism and the scope of application of the UN Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism.

Languages spoken
Norwegian, English, French

Work experience
2008: Intern, Council of Europe, Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights
2007-2008: Student Researcher, The Norwegian Bar Association’s Action and Procedure Group within Immigration Law and Human Rights
2007: Research Assistant, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, ICC Legal Tools Programme
2005-2006: Case Worker, Juss-Buss Legal Aid Centre

2003 – 2008: Pursuing a Master’s in Law at the University of Oslo, with electives including Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law / Law of Armed Conflict, Refugee Law and International Constitutional Law and Democracy.
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