Herdís Sigurgrímsdóttir left PRIO in 2011. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons.

Herdís Sigurgrímsdóttir

Herdís Sigurgrímsdóttir

Interests and experience

Current research:

Afghanistan's warlord dilemma: Can the Afghan state be consolidated by co-opting strongmen?

Research interests:

State-building, state-society relations and sub-national governance in Afghanistan

Languages spoken:

Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, English, French.

Working experience:

2010-2011: Development consultant for GIZ in Afghanistan, working in a project on Public Administration education.

2009-2011: Freelance journalist in Iceland and Norway, writing for Associated Press, Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RUV), Frettatiminn and others.

2008: Special assistant to the NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan. Seconded by the Icelandic Foreign Ministry.

2007: Public Information Officer for the NATO Training Mission – Iraq. Seconded by the Icelandic Foreign Ministry.

2006: Foreign reporter and news anchor for Icelandic NFS/Channel 2 News.

2003-2005: Hiking guide in Iceland and Greenland, guiding French groups.

2002: Summer job in the Icelandic Foreign Ministry.


MSc in Comparative Politics (Conflict Studies) at the London School of Economics. Master stipendiat at PRIO in summer 2010.

BA in French and Political Science at the University of Iceland/Université de Toulouse le Mirail

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