Chechnya and Putin's Counter-Terrorism

Led by Pavel K. Baev

May 2011 – May 2011

This project has its origin in the PRIO-SIPRI workshop in December 2002 (

The key aim is to examine the trajectory of the counter-terrorist campaign that has had a profound impact on Russia's political environment.

The first output of this research was the article 'A Useful War' published in Russia and Eurasia Review on 17 December 2002 (read the article here), which was extensively quoted in Le Monde, 10 February 2003.

The issue was presented at a roundtable 'Russia and Chechnya' (led by John Dunlop, with Fiona Hill and Thomas de Wall) at the annual convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University, New Yourk, 3-5 April 2003.

The main output of the project is the article 'Instrumentalizing Counter-Terrorism for Regime Consolidation in Putin's Russia', Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, vol. 27, no. 4, July/August 2004.

Lectures on Russia's war and politics in Chechnya were held for the University of Oslo Summer School (2 August), Bjørkness college course on international studies (21 October), and Norwegian Helsinki Committee seminar (23 October).

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