Globalisation, Democracy and Conflict

Led by Nils Petter Gleditsch

Jan 2000 – Dec 2002

Project Leaders: Nils Petter Gleditsch, Scott Gates & Olav Bjerkholt
Researchers: Håvard Hegre & Indra de Soysa

In 1998–99, this project had preliminary funding from NFR as well as a grant from World Society Foundation. A major application to the NFR globalization programme was granted, in reduced form, and Håvard Hegre was hired as a doctoral student from September 1999. The work of Gates, Gleditsch, de Soysa, and several associates also plays an important part in this project, which is closely related to a PRIO project for the World Bank.

The main focus of the NFR project is to contrast differing views – one liberal and the other rooted in dependency theory – on the consequences of globalization for development, democratization and conflict. The project draws extensively on the current debate on trade, conflict and ‘the liberal peace’. A subproject on globalization and information technology was completed under the NFR programme on the social consequences of information and communication technology (SKIKT) and the Programme Leader gave a lecture at the SKIKT programme conference in October.

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