‘Peacemaking Is a Risky Business’: Norway’s Role in the Peace Process in the Middle East, 1993–96

Led by Hilde Henriksen Waage

Jan 2001 – Dec 2003

The signing of the Oslo Agreement in 1993 highlighted Norway’s contribution to peacemaking in the Middle East.

The report ‘“Norwegians? Who Needs Norwegians?” Explaining the Oslo Back Channel’ (Oslo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2001) showed that long-established bonds between Norway and Israel constituted the most important precondition for the role Norway played in the Middle East peace process.

This project analyses Norway’s efforts in constructing the Oslo Channel and its involvement in implementing the agreements. Two major areas will be examined: the Norwegian facilitator and/or mediator role and the relationship between Norway’s peace attempts and the use of Norwegian development aid in the area. The project will produce a further report for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as two books and two articles in international journals.

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