The Conflict Resolution & Training Project

Led by Graham Dyson

May 2011 – Dec 2000


The objective of the Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) project is to improve the competence and capacity for conflict resolution of personnel working in Norwegian-based humanitarian, development aid or similar ventures. The project offers practical and theoretical training in conflict resolution at basic and intermediate levels. A sub-project, ‘Training for Trainers’ (T4T), has the aim of improving Norwegian capacity in conflict resolution training.

In 1999, three basic-level and two intermediate-level workshops were held. In addition, the Training for Trainers group, which consists of more than 20 active members, met at two weekend workshops and several afternoon sessions. Several of the participants in the T4T group work for Norwegian humanitarian and development aid organizations.

National networking is an important activity of the CRT project and includes activities like the CRT Forum meetings, where members of the CRT network can make presentations on their work and take part in discussions. Four Forum meetings were held in 1999 on the following topics:

  • Gender and Communication;
  • Experiences from Practical Peacework in Colombia;
  • The Democracy, Human Rights and Peaceful Conflict Resolution programme at the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer; and
  • Implementing Training for Trainers programmes in the Great Lakes region.

A survey of the extent of conflict management capacity in Norway has been conducted; the results will be presented at the conference on Higher Education for Peace in Tromsø in May 2000.

By the beginning of 2000, the CRT project had completed its initial two-year phase. PRIO commissioned an independent evaluation of the project and will decide how to take this work forward on the basis of the evaluation report, which is expected during March 2000. The project has been funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by course fees.

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