Will 21st Century Warfare be 'Trans-national'?

Jan 2003 – May 2011

Project Activities

2 March 2004: Project Leader Stein Tønnesson gave a lecture entitled "Al-Qaeda vs. the USA: Is it a 'War'?" at the University of Oslo as part of the series 'After Iraq: The Making of a New World Order?'

November 2002: Stein Tønnesson presents a lecture on 'A 'Global Civil War'?' to the Centre for Peace Studies, Tromsø.

September 2002: Stein Tønnesson wrote a viewpoint on 'A ‘Global Civil War’?' in Security Dialogue 33(3).

5 September 2002: Stein Tønnesson presented a paper on 'The Al-Qaeda–US Conflict: a ‘Global Civil War’?' at COST Conference in Copenhagen.
28 June 2002: Stein Tønnesson wrote a feature article on 'Global Borgerkrig?' [Global Civil War?] in Aftenposten.
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