Water Conflicts

Led by Olga Baeva

May 2011 – Jan 2002

Olga Baeva

Faculty of Journalism, Library and Information Science, Oslo University College, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)


The bibliography covers literature on emergence and management of conflicts stemming from tensions over quantity and quality of surface water. It focuses on political studies, omitting only those dealing specifically with territorial disputes and delimitation of borders. Books and articles published in 1996–2001 are included, with the necessary reservation that the year 2001 is covered by only some 60–75% due to the time lag between the publication of works and their inclusion into databases (collection of material was ended in January 2002).

The bibliography is limited to English-language works since the subject of water conflicts has been heavily dominated by publications in English. The bibliography includes books, published by well-established academic publishers, chapters in edited volumes, and articles in international scholarly and policy-oriented journals. Only published works that can be easily obtained from major libraries, first of all in Scandinavia, are included. Descriptive, informative annotations of about 100 words for all entries have been written. A combination of thematic/logical (as the main) and chronological (as the secondary) principles has been chosen for organizing the bibliography which is divided into two main parts: works with general and with regional focus.

The ‘General’ group is divided into the works of theoretical/conceptual character and those with an empirical emphasis. The ‘Regional’ group has five second-level groups: the Middle East, the rest of Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. The Middle East group is further divided into works that address the whole region and those that focus on one of its three main river systems: the Jordan, the Euphrates-Tigris, and the Nile. The entries within each of these sub-groups are organized chronologically, proceeding from the earliest to the latest date. Inside each year the works are then presented in the alphabetic order by author or title.

The introduction provides a brief analysis of current trends in academic literature; author and title indexes are also provided.


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