Perceptions and practices of migration among young Moroccans

Led by Miriam Latif Sandbæk

Sep 2006 – Apr 2007


This project is based on four months of fieldwork in Rabat and Marrakech in the fall of 2005. It addresses the question of migration in Morocco and analyzes the link between general stories of Moroccan migration and individual migration motivations. Both the stories and the individual explanations for wanting to emigrate or not are closely linked with perceptions of Morocco and Moroccans on the one hand, and with imaginations of the ‘West’ on the other. In the thesis I analyze the contents of these four components (general stories of migration, individual migration motivations, perceptions of Morocco, imaginations of the West) as well as the relationship between them. In addition to understanding my informants motivations to either emigrate or not, I am particularly interested in how living in such an emigration environment as that of Morocco affects their identities as Moroccans.

MA Project at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.
Supervisor at the University of Copenhagen: Hans Christian Korsholm Nielsen
Supervisor at PRIO: Jørgen Carling

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