Migration and Development Policy Challenges in Cape Verde

Led by Jørgen Carling

Mar 2008 – Dec 2008

This project is a component of the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) of Cape Verde, undertaken by the Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical Assistance to Least Developing Countries (see web site). The Integrated Framework s a multi-agency, multi-donor program that assists the least-developed countries (LDCs) to expand their participation in the global economy whereby enhancing their economic growth and poverty reduction strategies. Migration flows and links with emigrant populations are key factors in the external economy of many LDCs. In Cape Verde, migration and diaspora factors were designated a key component of the DTIS. The project has been based on consultations with key informants in Dakar, Praia, São Vicente and Sal, online consultations with Cape Verdeans in the diaspora, and review of policy documents and other written sources. Results of the analysis have been presented in a report to the UNDP, supplemented by a special report on the diaspora consulations (see links on this page).

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