The Zionist Movement and Israel's Efforts to Obtain International Support for the Establishment of a State, 1947-49

Led by Hilde Henriksen Waage

Feb 2011 – Oct 2011

​The aim of this project was to use archival material to explore how the Zionist movement succeeded in securing sufficient international support for the creation of the state of Israel and how the state thereafter continued to work towards international acceptance, culminating in the admission of Israel to the UN in May 1949. The project investigated the period 1947-1949 looking first at how the Zionist movement worked towards the creation of a state, and then, once a state, how Israel managed to gain legitimacy for the fulfilment of this project. The research looked into how the Zionists/Israel worked on the ground, locally (in Palestine), and how it interacted on the international political stage, predominantly with the major states and the UN.

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