Minorities and Hybridites

Sep 2006 – Dec 2012

​This project examines the effects of social and constitutional bicommunalism in Cyprus with respect to the representation and status of groups caught in between the dominant Greek and Turkish ethnic identities (e.g. Maronites, Roma, mixed couples).

It specifically investigates the dominant discourses, constitutional provisions, and civil and cultural rights relating to these groups, north and south of the Green Line, and register their views, demands and aspirations. It also looks at how on a collective or individual basis, members of these groups perceive ethnic homogenisation and exceptionalism and how they currently position themselves in relation to the dominant framework of institutionalised Turkish and/or Greek Cypriotness.The project analyses policies and governmental practices associated with nation-building, and how these affect the viability of the groups in question.

  • NEW Policy brief 1/2009: The Protection and Revival of Cypriot Maronite Arabic by Costas M. Constantinou see here 
  • on minority politics in Cyprus, see here 
  • on the status of Cypriot Maronite Arabic see here
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