The International Management of Peaceful Development: Afghanistan and the Maghreb/Sahel region

Led by Kai Eide

Sep 2013 – Jun 2014



This project will analyse recent and current policies with regard to the implementation of peace in Afghanistan (and its neighbourhood) as well as the Sahel/Maghreb region. The project aims at examining a broad set of international measures, laying out both the recent history of peace implementation in the respective cases and proposing alternative courses of action moving forward.

This two-component project arises from the Brookings–PRIO collaboration and builds on Ambassador Kai Eide’s experience from Afghanistan and the wider region, as well as Maghreb/Sahel-regions. Eide will be hosted at Brookings for one year as a PRIO Visiting Fellow, situated in the Foreign Policy Program, and associated with the Managing Global Order Initiative directed by Bruce Jones.

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