The Rise of the Radical Right in Cyprus in the Context of the European Experience and Cypriot Particularities

Led by Giorgos Charalambous

Jan 2015 – Dec 2015

​​The project will explore the ideological, political and organizational manifestations of the Cypriot radical right's resurgence in the post-2004 period, asking about both its conditioning factors and its consequences Dawn in Greece. In the absence of solid quantitative data, an attempt will be made to record and explain the socio-demographic characteristics of radical right members and supporters through non-participant observation, its efforts at expanding its social base and at recruiting members. Methodologically, the project will involve extensive fieldwork that includes discourse analysis and formal as well as informal interview. The Cypriot experience will be situated in a European context and study the similarities and differences of the Cypriot radical right with other cases of similar parties across the continent and especially.. It will concentrate on the party's programmatic rhetoric and arguments, its relations to intellectuals of the radical right space, its campaigning strategies, its exposition in the media.​

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