Collection of PRIO Research on Racism, Inequality and Discrimination

Sep 2020 –

​Discussions on racism and discrimination have gained international scrutiny during 2020

​Questions of repression, discrimination, marginalization, inequity, injustice, state violence, exclusion, and racism, and the ways in which these serve to undermine the development of peaceful societies, are at the core of PRIO’s research agenda. PRIO researchers have surveyed the institute's work on the subject to create a collection of research within the institution.

This collection reflects the diverse research methodologies and disciplines represented at PRIO. It is by no means an exhaustive list and has relied on contributions by researchers themselves. Not all of this research speaks the same language and arrives at compatible conclusions. As such, different readers will find some areas more relevant than others.

The main obejctive of this compilation is to ease access to PRIO's scholarly work for anyone wishing to learn more about how racism, inequality, and discrimination relate to war, peace and socio-political dynamics. The list is organized in sections to make it more accessible.

You can find the collection by clicking here.

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