Politics of conservation, restoration, and revitalization in Northern Cyprus: fragmented geographies of heritage production

Led by Özlem Ünsal

Jan 2022 – Dec 2022

​The aim of this research is first to study the mentioned geographies fragment by fragment in an attempt to demonstrate who takes part in the production of heritage; how the decision-making mechanisms work; what sort of negotiations and controversies emerge out of them, and thus, what the said mechanisms fail and achieve to do simultaneously. This will be done through a textual analysis of policies at work and semi-structured in-depth interviews with officers and experts, actively engaged in the processes of conservation, restoration and revitalization. The latter aim, on the other hand, is to decipher the narratives that come out of these efforts and analyze both what is chosen to be included and left out of the schemes at work, and also what slips away and remains from them, in an unintended fashion. This approach is also expected to reveal what the said narratives may give away about the current politicization of place and policy-making across Northern Cyprus.


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