Against All Odds: 2013 Richardson Award to Mats Hammarström and Peter Wallensteen

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Bussmann, Margit; Han Dorussen & Nils Petter Gleditsch (2014) Against All Odds: 2013 Richardson Award to Mats Hammarström and Peter Wallensteen, Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 20 (2): 235–243.

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The institutionalization of peace research has been a tortuous process and it has proven particularly difficult to establish separate departments for peace research in the universities. The Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University is a spectacular exception. This article honors two outstanding scholars who made it happen against all odds and who received the 2013 Lewis Fry Richardson Lifetime Achievement Award for their contribution to the scientific study of armed conflict. Peter Wallensteen and Mats Hammarström were awarded the prize for their individual scholarly output but above all for their joint achievement in establishing peace and conflict research at Uppsala University with its two pillars, the Uppsala Conflict Data Program and the training program for young scholars. They have made a lasting contribution to an institution of world-wide renown that pursues research in the scientific tradition of Richardson.

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