ATT Monitor Report 2016

Report – external series

Bromley, Mark; Shannon Dick; Elizabeth Kirkham; Ishtiaq Khan; Stuart Maslan; Nicholas Marsh; Robert Perkins; Deepayan Ray; Anna Stavrianakis; Rachel Stohl & An Vranckx (2016) ATT Monitor Report 2016. ATT Monitor. New York: Control Arms.

ATT Monitor Report

Chapter 1 is a special thematic section on the ATT in Africa. It focuses on the experience of African countries and the challenges and opportunities they face as they try to implement the obligations of the ATT.

Chapter 2 explores the concept of risk as it relates to the ATT and introduces the Monitor’s new ‘Risk Watch’ research tool, which will gather and synthesize expert sources on arms-transfer related risks.

Chapter 3 analyses the first public Initial Reports on national implementation measures taken by States Parties and clarifies the definitions of the main categories of arms and ammunition regulated by the ATT.

Chapter 4 provides a summary assessment of the first Annual Reports on arms exports and imports.

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