ATT Monitor Report 2017

Report – external series

Dick, Shannon; Robert Perkins; Camelia Fatema; Ishtiaq Khan; Shara Khandakar; Daniel Mack; Nicholas Marsh; Farzana Mir; Alavi Mirza; Deepayan Ray & Rachel Stohl (2017) ATT Monitor Report 2017. ATT Monitor. New York: Control Arms.

ATT Monitor

This third edition of the ATT Monitor report focuses on the critical issue of transparency in the arms trade and in the ATT speci cally. Transparency is, as Chapter 1 outlines, central to many of the ATT’s operative articles. Without greater sharing of information by States Parties, it will be hard, if not impossible, to achieve the Treaty’s object and purpose of reducing human su ering, preventing diversion and establishing the highest possible common international standards for regulating the international arms trade. More than two years after the Treaty’s entry into force, early indicators are now available to assess the extent to which ATT States Parties are putting into e ect their commitment to transparency.

In particular, this report focuses its analysis on the two critical sources of information that States Parties must submit – the Initial and Annual Reports. Accurate, systematic and comprehensive reports on implementation and on exports/imports, submitted publicly and on time, are critical tools to measure how well States Parties are living up to their ATT obligations. Overall, this report nds that progress on public reporting has been disappointing, both in terms of the quantity and the quality of received reports.

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