Johan Galtung: A Bibliography of his Scholarly and Popular Writings, 1951–80


Gleditsch, Nils Petter; Odvar Leine; Hans-Henrik Holm; Tord Høivik; Arne Martin Klausen; Erik Rudeng & Håkan Wiberg (1980) Johan Galtung: A Bibliography of his Scholarly and Popular Writings, 1951–80. Oslo: PRIO. Peace Research Monographs, 9.

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Johan Galtung is Norway's most cited contemporary social scientist and a founding father of the discipline of peace research. He has also contributed materially to a number of other disciplines and cross-disciplinary fields, such as methodology, criminology, media research, international relations, and macro-history. His scholarly writings are numerous in the extreme, spanning several languages and a myriad of journals. At the same time, Galtung has always been an extremely prolific popularizer and political journalist. With a vast output of mimeographed papers and contributions to conferences and an optimistic view of forthcoming publications, he is also a librarian's nightmare.

While published on the occasion of his 50th birthday, this book is not intended as a conventional Festschrift. It is a working tool for researchers and librarians, to establish what Johan Galtung has written and where to find it. All the 676 publications listed in the bibliographic section have been coded with descriptors from the Political Science Thesaurus. There are title, name, and descriptior indices. A bibliographic essay by Nils Petter Gleditsch traces the impact of Galtung's academic work, as measured by citation data. Critical essays by Kenneth Boulding, Hans-Henrik Holm, and Jan Strzelecki review Galtung's intellectual development and influence on social science in general and on the field of peace research in particular.

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