Combining Transnational Living and National Welfare

Policy brief

Talleraas, Cathrine (2018) Combining Transnational Living and National Welfare, PRIO Policy Brief, 1. Oslo: PRIO.

People can be transnationally mobile while receiving national social security benefits. Transnationally mobile people entitled to Norwegian social security benefits include both foreigners and Norwegians. They regularly cross international borders, or stay in other countries, while receiving Norwegian pensions, unemployment benefits, child benefits or other benefits. While export of benefits and so-called “welfare tourism” is often criticised in public debates, welfare state bureaucrats are less concerned with cross-border social security. In general, bureaucrats find that people’s behaviour when negotiating transnational mobility and national welfare is likely to be affected by welfare regulations. The bureaucrats employ an inclusive approach to cross-border social security, but they may be better equipped to accommodate the needs of mobile people by acknowledging how factors specific to leading a transnational life influence these people and their behaviour.

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