Still a Chance for Peace in Myanmar?

Policy brief

Tønnesson, Stein & Marte Nilsen (2018) Still a Chance for Peace in Myanmar?, PRIO Policy Brief, 2. Oslo: PRIO.

Has Myanmar’s peace process been derailed by the armed forces’ expulsion of Rohingya from northern Rakhine State? Or is there still a chance for peace?

We argue that any federal bargain is implausible as long as Myanmar has two un-coordinated “branches” of government, one civilian and one military. Yet the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) from 2015 does provide a chance for laying building blocks of peace in ceasefire areas, and the 21st Century Panglong process has the potential to become a platform for Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) and political parties to develop a federal reform agenda.

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