Mediation as Politics: How Nations Leverage Peace Engagements?

Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Beriker, Nimet (2017) Mediation as Politics: How Nations Leverage Peace Engagements?, International Negotiation 22(3): 431–450.

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​This study proposes a conceptual model that depicts middle power mediation as a foreign policy strategy in the context of asymmetric alliance dynamics. It expands on Touval’s (2003) mediation-as-foreign policy perspective and argues that once mediation is conceived of as a viable political option in the conduct of foreign policy, engaging in mediation activity enables middle powers to create an extra space of political power not otherwise available. The article introduces an analytical model that explains the dynamics of mediation-as-foreign policy approach and the mechanisms that translate mediation engagement into political leverage. The analysis focuses on aspects of Turkish mediation efforts between 2002 and 2009 in the context of Turkish-US/EU relations.

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