Long Walk of Peace: Towards a Culture of Prevention

Edited volume

Upadhyaya, Priyankar (ed.) (2018) Long Walk of Peace: Towards a Culture of Prevention. Paris: UNESCO.

Read the book here (Open Access)

How can the United Nations best address the imperatives of peace? Long Walk of Peace presents a fresh review of the conceptual and practical approaches to peace since the creation of the UN.

Through an in-depth theoretical analysis, combined with a presentation of innovative practices across 32 UN bodies, it explores the long, steady haul towards peace and provides inspiration for the way forward. This book represents the collaborative efforts of scholars, experts and UN staff from a wide range of backgrounds. Long Walk of Peace, through its conceptual history and robust analysis, shows that peace is a dynamic process and a continuous journey of discovery. Thereby, the book provides a unique understanding of the emerging priorities of ‘sustaining peace’ and promoting ‘a culture of prevention’. As such it is an expression of UNESCO’s mandate to serve as a laboratory of ideas and thereby help advance the imperatives underscored by Agenda 2030.

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