Migration into the Cyprus Conflict and the Cypriot Citizenship Regime

PRIO Report

Demetriou, Olga (2019) Migration into the Cyprus Conflict and the Cypriot Citizenship Regime. PRIO Cyprus Centre Report: 2. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

In recent years patterns relating to irregular migration in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean have changed dramatically. Cyprus is one of the countries affected even though these effects have been less spectacular than in other countries such as Jordan, Turkey, or Greece. However, the situation in Cyprus poses particular questions, as these dynamics come to cross-cut issues related to the Cyprus conflict. As the conflict and migration dynamics in the region continue to remain in flux, the relation between local conflict dynamics and refugee reception will remain uncertain and problems already appearing could be exacerbated. This report provides an overview of these dynamics and relations, with a view to providing recommendations on how current challenges could be taken up more efficiently

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