Armed Conflict and Regional Conflict Complexes, 1989-97

Journal article

Wallensteen, Peter & Margareta Sollenberg (1998) Armed Conflict and Regional Conflict Complexes, 1989-97, Journal of Peace Research 35 (5): 621–634.

A total of 103 armed conflicts has been recorded for the years 1989-97. Of these, 33 were active in 1997. Six interstate armed conflicts were recorded for the period, of which one was active in 1997. The period exhibits a decline in total number of conflicts per year; a decline is also found in all regions with the exception of Africa. All new conflicts in 1996 and 1997 took place in Africa. More than half of the conflicts was linked to conflicts in neighbouring states. Regional conflict complexes were found in all regions, but were particularly significant in Europe and in Africa, where they also reached high levels of intensity.

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