Key concepts in the migration–development nexus

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Carling, Jørgen (2019) Key concepts in the migration–development nexus. MIGNEX Handbook Chapter: 2. Oslo: PRIO.

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Many common concepts – including forced migration, root causes, migration decision, and transit migration – carry assumptions that run counter to the analytical ambitions of MIGNEX. Navigating the terminology calls for balancing critical thinking and pragmatism.

  • MIGNEX is expected to help address the ‘root causes’ of migration. However, the concept itself is troubled by a narrow conception of migration as a symptom of problems.
  • The emphasis on disaggregation in the MIGNEX methodology is reflected in a terminology that lets us pick processes and phenomena apart
  • When our audiences use terminology that differs from ours, we should
  • engage with their usage and explain why we take a different approach.
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