Missing Persons in Cyprus: Observations from the past and recommendations for the future

PRIO Report

Iakovou, Natasa & Nadia Kornioti (2019) Missing Persons in Cyprus: Observations from the past and recommendations for the future. PRIO Cyprus Centre Report: 7. Nicosia: PRIO Cyprus Centre.

Within the context of a negotiation process which is currently at a deadlock, and a society with reinforced calls for truth and justice, the present report observes the measures and steps taken in dealing with the issue of missing persons in Cyprus, from the earliest days of the conflict until today. Through conducting desk research and a series of anonymous interviews, the authors have identified key concerns which have arisen over the years, in relation to both the local and the international actors involved. The report also refers to the current domestic and international legal framework and the work undertaken by relevant authorities and the Committee on Missing Persons (CMP), before proceeding to briefly examine the potential application of Transitional Justice mechanisms in Cyprus. The observations discussed within the report build towards a number of recommendations for the improvement of the available mechanisms, as well as the potential establishment of new ones, in dealing with the missing persons in Cyprus. In formulating these recommendations, special focus was placed on the needs of those affected, who in this context include both the relatives and the society as a whole, in addition to the political, institutional, cultural, financial and other factors, shortcomings and gaps. At the heart of this report is the overriding principle that the issue of the missing persons is a humanitarian one and should be treated as such by all parties involved.

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