“The Immigration Problem” and Norwegian Right- Wing Politicians

Journal article

Fangen, Katrine & Mari Vaage (2018) “The Immigration Problem” and Norwegian Right- Wing Politicians, New Political Science 40 (3): 459–476.

Read the article here (Open Access)

In this article, we explore Norwegian Progress Party politicians' change of their rhetoric of immigration after the party for the first time became part of a coalition government in 2013. Equal to other right-wing populist parties in Europe, immigration has been the main reason for voters to support the Progress Party. How then does their immigration rhetoric change after entering office? This is important, as an intolerant immigration rhetoric has far-reaching consequences for the political climate in Europe. Right-wing populist parties can achieve much regarding migration policies merely because there is broad consensus on a strict migration policy today. However, to succeed remaining in office, they must remain being acceptable to other parties in the parliament and their coalition partner and therefore they need to moderate the way they go about communicating their message. Too much moderation however might lead to a split within the party, or losing core voters.

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