The Perceptions of Cypriot Youth Matter

Report – external series

Dizdaroğlu, Cihan (2020) The Perceptions of Cypriot Youth Matter. FES Briefing. Nicosia: FES Cyprus.

It is an unusual and difficult situation to be young in a country that has been divided politically for more than 55 years, and physically for more than 45 years. Ever since the referendum regarding the "Annan Plan" and the contrasting voting behaviour of the Cypriot youth on both sides of the divide, the perception of the Cypriot youth moved to the centre of research interest. This briefing exemplifies the findings of telephone surveys conducted simultaneously in the south and in the north of the island, in each community’s native language. Only a small number of young Cypriots feel sufficiently represented in politics, accompanied by overwhelmingly low trust levels in politicians and parties shared by the majority of the Cypriot Youth. A shift towards an increasing representation of the Cypriot Youth could be accomplished via the implementation of the UNSC Resolution 2250.

Greek and Turkish version

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