Drones over Norway: A Security and Regulatory Analysis

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Martins, Bruno Oliveira (2022) Drones over Norway: A Security and Regulatory Analysis, PRIO Blogs. 23 October.

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Over the last five weeks, numerous incidents involving drones have made headlines in Norway. These incidents include multiple drone sightings outside oil platforms and energy installations, drone incursions in the vicinity of airports leading to the temporary closure of some of them, and Russian citizens being arrested at Norwegian border crossing sites and airports in possession of drones and drone-collected data on their way back to Russia.

There are obviously too many occurrences for this to be chalked to be a mere coincidence, but there is something deeper and problematic taking place here: for years, Norway has been ill-prepared to face the drone threat, and the current scenario of hybrid war in Ukraine and beyond has only made those vulnerabilities bigger, more dangerous, and more visible.

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