Navigating the Current Realities of Humanitarian Disarmament Campaigns

Policy brief

Bosheim, Stine; Magnus Løvold & Nicholas Marsh (2024) Navigating the Current Realities of Humanitarian Disarmament Campaigns, PRIO Policy Brief, 6. Oslo: PRIO.

In the field of humanitarian disarmament, the space for civil society action is shrinking. Organizations designed to harness international law and policy instruments for the protection of civilians are struggling for survival. They face reduced access to funding, growing distrust in multilateralism, and polarization between states. We are moving towards a new and more complex period in international relations, where previous roadmaps to humanitarian disarmament may no longer represent viable approaches. In a series of five policy briefs based on interviews and discussions with practitioners, we examine the challenges and opportunities facing the humanitarian disarmament community.

This second brief examines how civil society can navigate the current landscape of humanitarian disarmament campaigning.

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