Response to Spencer Weart

Journal article

Robinson, Eric W. (2001) Response to Spencer Weart, Journal of Peace Research 38 (5): 615–617.

Three points are discussed in response to Spencer Weart's remarks. First, Thucydides 6.32-41, which Weart considers damaging to the case for democracy in Syracuse, instead strongly supports it. Second, Weart's contention that Athenians did not perceive the Syracusans as democratic lacks any supporting ancient testimony; indeed, the fact that Thucydides was an Athenian and was fully aware of the Syracusan democracy implies the reverse. Finally, Weart's claim that ancient oligarchic republics also maintained peaceful relations with each other requires far more demonstration than has been offered, and in any case would seem to be contradicted by a number of historical examples.

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