A Flawless Treaty? A Rejoinder

Journal article

Goldblat, Jozef (1998) A Flawless Treaty? A Rejoinder, Security Dialogue 29 (2): 231–233.

The conclusion of the Treat of Bangkok in 1995 was a major political event with positive implications for the security of the region. However, the Treaty is not flawless and, in certain respects, is considerably less stringent than other nuclear weapon-free zone treaties. It does not prohibit research directed towards the acquisition of nuclear weapon capability, and the prerogative of zonal states to allow or not to allow transit of nuclear weapons is purely hypothetical. The Treaty of Bangkok would benefit from adopting - through possible amendments - certain clauses figuring in other nuclear weapon-free zone treaties. As regards the scope of application, no revision of the Treaty is, in the author's opinion, advisable.

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