Albania and NATO: Regional Security and Selective Intervention

Journal article

Hendrickson, Ryan C. (1999) Albania and NATO: Regional Security and Selective Intervention, Security Dialogue 30 (1): 109–116.

Many institutions have worked with Albania in the 1990s to encourage its democratic development, but NATO has been particularly active, seeking to include Albania in its regional enterprises. The country has seen three changes of leadership, and each new leader has reached out to NATO for assistance. In providing military support and training, the alliance has been primarily concerned with its own involvement in the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo. With the important exception of Italy, which has worked for Albanian stability and has strong national interests in doing so, the rest of the alliance appears content with helping Albania as long as these efforts do not entail major political, economic or military risks. In order for Albania to gain the stability it seeks, greater assistance from the West will be needed. Muslim extremism, Berisha'. continued opposition and Majko's youth all make Albanian stability precarious in the short term.

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