Conceptualizing the Globalization-Security Nexus in the Asia-Pacific

Journal article

Hughes, Christopher W. (2001) Conceptualizing the Globalization-Security Nexus in the Asia-Pacific, Security Dialogue 32 (4): 407–421.

A host of problems in the Asia-Pacific illustrate the crucial interconnection between globalization and security. These problems are exemplified by the East Asian financial crisis, which has threatened to impact upon all levels of security, from that of the state to that of the individual, and across all dimensions, from the economic to the environmental to the military. Moreover, the fact that the financial crisis has had such severe and prolonged security effects in the Asia-Pacific since 1997 (in contrast to other financial crises that occurred almost simultaneously in Russia and Latin America) argues that the globalization–security nexus may be having a heavier impact in this region than in others. The Asia-Pacific region has been and will continue to be particularly prone to the security effects of globalization. Are states and policy­makers equipped to deal effectively with the challenges of the unfolding post-globalization security agenda?

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