Current Russian-Ukrainian Rapprochement: Forward or Backward? A Rejoinder

Journal article

Polyakov, Leonid (2002) Current Russian-Ukrainian Rapprochement: Forward or Backward? A Rejoinder, Security Dialogue 33 (2).

Lately, a number of commentators have noted a Russian–Ukrainian rapprochement and underscored its strong cultural and economic basis. This rejoinder to the article in this journal by Arkady Moshes, ‘Russian–Ukrainian Rapprochement of 2001: How Viable?’, argues in line with Moshes that the viability of the current rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia is somewhat questionable. Indeed, the rapprochement is motivated by more than just natural uniting factors and the desires of the two nations to support each other’s progressive development towards fully fledged democracy. A significant factor remains Russia’s desire to return the currently politically weak and economically dependent Ukraine to its own sphere of influence

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