Special Data Feature: Armed Conflict, 1989-2002

Journal article

Eriksson, Mikael; Peter Wallensteen & Margareta Sollenberg (2003) Special Data Feature: Armed Conflict, 1989-2002, Journal of Peace Research 40 (5).

A total of 226 armed conflicts have been recorded for the years 1946-2002. Of these, 116 were active in the period 1989-2002, including 31 in 2002. There were five wars in 2002. Both numbers were the lowest for this period. Seven interstate-armed conflicts were recorded 1989-2002, of which one was still active in 2002. In 2002, a larger proportion of complex major armed conflicts were resolved, compared with new and minor armed conflicts. Although the data on armed conflict presented here suggest that there is a decline in the use of armed force, there is an increased feeling of fear and insecurity in many parts of the world because of terrorism incidents.

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