Moscow Puts PR Spin on its Shrinking Nuclear Arsenal

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Baev, Pavel K. (2006) Moscow Puts PR Spin on its Shrinking Nuclear Arsenal, Eurasia Daily Monitor. 17 April.

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One particular issue here that requires massive collective efforts is elimination of thousands of warheads from the often-neglected tactical nuclear weapons inventory. The developing Iran crisis could be a reminder about the urgent need in re-launching arms-control talks.The over-concentration of resources in the energy complex that underpins Russian clams for the status of "energy super-power" leads to stagnation in industries that are not serving the development of hydrocarbons. Russia cannot emulate the Soviet model where oil money was pumped into the production of armaments, not least because there are too many greedy bureaucrats that have other plans for this money. Hence the pre-determined delays and setbacks in both advancing the space program and modernizing the nuclear arsenal.

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