To Cross or Not to Cross? Subjectivization and the Absent State in Cyprus

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Demetriou, Olga (2007) To Cross or Not to Cross? Subjectivization and the Absent State in Cyprus, *Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute * 13 (4): 987–1006.

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This article is an ethnographic exploration of the process through which citizens come to conceptualize their identities as political subjects in rapidly changing contexts. The focus of the article is the lifting, in 2003, of a ban on crossing between the northern and southern parts of the island of Cyprus, which had been instituted in 1974. The article examines how this new political change affected state rhetoric, and concentrates on the reactions of Greek-Cypriot citizens to this shift. These data are related to the wider discussion on the political theory of subjectivity and the concept of ‘event’, where, it is argued, anthropology has a significant contribution to make.

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