East-West Maneuvring in Russia's Energy Policy

Conference paper

Baev, Pavel K. (2008) East-West Maneuvring in Russia's Energy Policy, 8 April.

Controlling a high share in the world’s energy resources, Russia is hardly feeling any responsibility for supplying the growing global demand, and particularly China’s needs, despite the pledges to act as an ‘energy security’ provider.Current Russia’s energy strategy, to the degree that one exists, emphasizes the construction of pipelines and opening new export channels over the development of production base, which basically amounts to the intention to acquire flexibility in delivering energy to under-supplied markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific that would have to compete for over-valued oil and gas. This risky plan involves the prospect of many energy ‘wars’ in the short- and mid-term and assumes that the divided neighbors would never be able to put pressure on Russia.

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