Nome, Frida Austvoll (2002) Martyrbrigadene [The Martyrs' Brigades]. Oslo: Cappelen.

Publisher's information

Suicide bombers are at the core of the violent conflict in the Middle East. Who are they? Why is this form of activism used in the fight for a Palestinian state? Frida Nome takes the reader to the world of the martyrs and through the Palestinian history of suicide bombers. Through the book we experience the minutes preceeding and following a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. We visit the family of the suicide bomber, the fathers and mothers commemorating their dead sons, and we take part in martyrs' funerals and festivals in honour of the dead. Through portraits, conversations, meetings, and by 'being there', Frida Nome creates an insight to the background of the violence against the Israeli civilian society, and a broader understanding of the situation in this war-torn region.

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