Langs smuglerruta


Nome, Frida Austvoll (2005) Langs smuglerruta [The Smugglers' Trail]. Oslo: Cappelen. En reise blant flyktninger, lykkejegere og menneskesmuglere.

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Within the pages of Nome's Langs smuglerruta, we encounter individuals who have left behind their countries either because of war and persecution, or because they hope to find better living conditions abroad. Written for a general readership, the book explores these people's journeys to the West, which frequently involve human smuggling as refugees are forced to enter Europe illegally in order to exercise their right to seek asylum. The reader is invited to travel with various individuals along the smugglers' trail in the Middle East: from a Shia quarter in Damascus, via Kurdish towns on the Iran-Iraq border, all the way to Istanbul and Edirne on the Turkish side of 'Fortress Europe'. This book is available in Norwegian only.

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