Warfare, State and Society in South Asia

Edited volume

Roy, Kaushik (ed.) (2010) Warfare, State and Society in South Asia. New Delhi.

This comprehensive collection of scholarly writings in military historiography focuses on the relationship between war, state and society in Indian history from ancient to modern times. It not only throws light on the social and cultural aspects of warfare but also includes analytical studies of operations, battles, doctrines and command. By bringing together hitherto scattered pieces of writing by the Indian officers who participated in the campaigns, as well as essays by modern researchers, this volume attempts to chart the linkages between military hardware and the changing nature of warfare. Ambitious in its spatial and temporal scope, this book also covers wars conducted by stateless marginal groups. Besides being an authoritative reference for students and scholars of South Asian history, Indian Ocean Studies, International Relations and Political Science, it will also interest military officers and the strategic community, given the present implications of the many trends the authors have discussed.

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