Collecting, Analysing and Presenting Migration Histories

Book chapter

Carling, Jørgen (2012) Collecting, Analysing and Presenting Migration Histories, in Handbook of Research Methods in Migration. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing (137–162).

Book description on

This chapter addresses the collection, analysis and presentation of migration histories across different methodological approaches. The emphasis will be on the first of these steps: collecting information. However, I will show how information can be collected in different ways for different analytical purposes, and indicate how more specialized analysis might follow. Three forms of data collection will be addressed: conventional interviews, life history calendars and migration history charts. The presentation of migration histories in publications obviously depends on the analytical approach. What I will do here is to show how detailed family migration histories can be displayed and used as a complement to text, using either the migration history chart or the so-called Lexis diagram.

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