Troublemaking and Risk-Taking: The North in Russian Military Activities

Book chapter

Baev, Pavel K. (2009) Troublemaking and Risk-Taking: The North in Russian Military Activities, in Russia and the North. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press (17–34).

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In the Russian tradition, development of the High North goes hand in hand with its militarization.

The geopolitical interests of Arctic states are a hot topic as climate change and a growing demand for energy cause greater concern over disputed borders and overlapping sovereignty claims in the North. Russia plays a central role in the international politics of the North, being the largest Arctic state geographically and an important player in the regional and global energy marketplace.

Russia and the North examines how Russia defines and addresses northern spaces, opportunities and challenges within its own borders and internationally. Chapters in the volume analyze the politics of circumpolar cooperation, security, fisheries, energy, climate change, population/migration and indigenous peoples.

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