Conflict, governance and peacebuilding in Kashmir

Policy brief

Behera, Navnita Chadha (2013) Conflict, governance and peacebuilding in Kashmir, CORE Policy Brief, 10. Oslo: PRIO.

This policy brief examines the basic parameters of the relationship between governance and peacebuilding processes – the central problematique of the CORE project. It first shows how certain governance initiatives have supported and strengthened peacebuilding processes in Jammu & Kashmir, while others have undermined the latter and even risked exacerbating the conflict, before going on to discuss certain fundamental – albeit common – difficulties faced by those responsible for shaping and sharing such processes.

The brief identifies three broad sets of factors that determine the particular trajectory and outcome of any such endeavour. The first pertains to the political leadership’s deployment of governance techniques, instrumentalities and processes for the purposes of power-sharing and meeting the economic and social needs of the local populace at a given historical juncture. The second refers to the specific design, purpose and outreach of any particular governance measures at stake. The third underlines the importance of implementing such measures in a fair, just and efficient manner.

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