A Systematic Bibliography on Return Migration

PRIO Paper

Carling, Jørgen; Elin Berstad Mortensen & Jennifer Wu (2011) A Systematic Bibliography on Return Migration. PRIO Paper. Oslo: Peace Research Institute Oslo.

As the starting point for a large-scale project on return migration, our team conducted a literature review with the aim of developing the conceptual framework, theoretical background and hypotheses for our research. In preparation for the review, publications were classified according to thematic and regional keywords. This bibliography, which contains over 1100 publications, is the result of our collection and classification. The project, Possibilities and Realities of Return Migration (PREMIG), explores return migration from Norway and the United Kingdom, with case studies on return to Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Pakistan and Poland, and statistical analyses covering a greater range of nationalities. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway and carried out jointly by the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Statistics Norway, the University of Bristol and the University of Sussex.

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