Assessing Landmine Impact at the Community Level - A Training Manual

PRIO Report

Millard, Ananda S. (2002) Assessing Landmine Impact at the Community Level - A Training Manual. PRIO Report. Oslo: PRIO.

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Aiming to build sustainable analytic capacity within operators that have a long-term commitment to Humitarian Mine Action (HMA), this manual aims to provide a comprehensive training tool for organisations wishing to improve their analytical capacity at the ground level.

The manual provides trainees with both theoretical guidelines and practical tools for conducting and using the findings of community studies, but is also useful for other components of HMA, as well as for humanitarian assistance and development projects more generally.

Drawing on experience in conducting community studies and a number of training endeavours, it aims to cater to the training needs of field staff with substantial operational knowledge but little academic or impact-assessment experience, and trainers with experience in humanitarian or development-related training and some knowledge of HMA.

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