Research on Environment, Poverty and Conflict

Edited volume

Smith, Dan & Willy Østreng (1997) Research on Environment, Poverty and Conflict. Oslo.

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This report presents the findings of a preparatory research project whose aim was to explore the relationship between the three key variables the environment, poverty and conflict (EPC) in making economic development environmentally sustainable. It is based on the observation that much scholarly work on sustainability has tended either:

  • to exclude issues of poverty, sometimes explicitly;
  • to downplay the existence of conflict; or
  • to ignore whether and to what extent political participation is necessary to achieve and implement environmental sustainability.

An introductory article by the editors provides an outline of the project proposal. Valerie Percival discusses future avenues for research on environ-mental scarcity, poverty and conflict. Carsten Rønnfeldt looks at how research within the three areas environment, poverty and conflict can be linked. A total of nine productive avenues for research are presented.

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